Tips for Eating

  • Think of your plate as the face of a clock. If possible, have someone tell you the location of the items on your plate using the clock numbers, i.e. your meat is at 6 o’clock, your peas are at 12 o’clock, and so on.
  • You can also think of your place setting in the same way. Your water glass might be at 1 o’clock, your napkin at 9 o’clock.
  • You can explore your place and the items there by slowly moving your hand from the edge of the table toward the middle. Keep your fingers curled and move gently. That way if you come in contact with something, you won’t hurt yourself and you won’t knock it over.
  • Use a pusher to help guide foods onto your fork or spoon. This can be a roll, a piece of bread, or a stationary item like mashed potatoes. You may be able to tell if food is on your fork by feeling the weight.
  • Lean forward slightly to meet your fork.
  • In a restaurant it is acceptable to ask them to cut your meat in the kitchen.
  • When using salt and pepper or other spices, shake them into your hand first, then onto your food.
  • Use contrast if possible. Place light plates on dark placemats or vice versa. Use a white cup if pouring coffee or other dark liquid.